Elephant shirt

A shirt for hubby, with elephants, not a shirt for an elephant. Though that might be a great stash-busting project.

This was a tablecloth from a thrift store; it had a big circular design in the middle, which I had to use creatively.
I was planning to make a blouse for myself, but hubster was really excited about the fabric, so I made a shirt for him instead. It’s a christmas present, and he’s desperately trying NOT to see it too soon, even though it’s hanging in my studio.

check out the pocket! The only bit I had left of the circular center design was on the bias. I had originally done a pocket entirely from the lower fabric, but it broke up the yoke, so I pinned the scrap of yoke fabric to the pocket, matching the yoke, then ripped the old pocket off and used it for a pattern for the new pocket.


Very cool!


That pocket is magical!


Wow, amazing! You are a shirt wizard.


Wow! I’d never have seen the pocket if you hadn’t pointed it out. I showed my hubby, told him there was a pocket and it took a bit for him to spot it, he was impressed too.


This came out fantastic! I’d have never guessed it was a tablecloth in another life. I love that your hubby was excited about it and is trying not to peek. :smile:


Holy Jumbo! You made the most of the pattern on that tablecloth! He’s going to love wearing that shirt and better get ready to receive all kinds of compliments while doing so.

What pocket? :upside_down_face:

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Wow, I love this, the fabric and the creative use of the center circle. Your DH will look awesome.


I just found this amazing shirt! I have two circular skirt panels that I had no idea what to do with…I wonder if there is enough to make a blouse for me…trying to work out how you laid this out…it is done so nicely!


Thanks! This was a rectangular tablecloth with the round design in the center. I laid out front and back going the long way, then did my best to match the pattern on the sleeves, laid on the crossgrain.

I have a couple of boldly patterned wrap skirts from India I haven’t figured out how to adapt yet, circles are hard!