Embellished Hat Pins/Plant Stakes

I went to my friends house yesterday and we made a bunch of these embellished hat pins to use as decorative plant stakes.

I bought the hat pins on Amazon for $5, had the epoxy in my stash and my friend had a lot of beads. I also bought a small pack of crimping beds at Michael’s to anchor the beads on the bottom. I used Gorilla epoxy and wore a glove on my left hand so I didn’t get glue on me. My friend used a hot glue gun which also worked well.

It was a fun project to do with a friend while watching trash tv on a Sunday afternoon. I love giving houseplants as gifts and it’s nice to have a little adorable stake to put in there.


What a cool idea! Also, hat pins are way awesome!

Such a nice little bit of sparkle in there with the plants!

Awesome idea. They are lovely! Nice and tall so they stand out. Great project.

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I love plant jewelry, these are really cute!

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So pretty! And what a nice idea too. Every year we have lots of spiderplant babies to give away, a sweet little pot and some jewels will turn them into luxurious gifts.