Embellished Paper Birds Magnets Set

This 7-piece magnets set began as an extra paper-punched bird that I had.

I had glued the mint-colored bird to a piece of turquoise cardstock, just messing around but the cardstock peeked out at the bottom. I started to trim it off but got the inspiration to create another bird like it.

I punched another bird out of turquoise cardstock to coordinate with the two. I altered the embellishments on it to make it also unique from the birds pair.

I decided to embellish and add a clothespin clip. I was trying to build up a little set.

Media that I used:

  • cardstock, salvaged book paper, tissue, hand-painted paper

  • glitter, rhinestones

  • gel pens

  • eucalyptus stems, silk flower

  • ribbon

  • stencil, gold metallic paint

  • 6 round 1/4" magnets and 1 flexible magnet

  • bird paper punch, this punch may be discontinued, you can see it here:
    Poshmark, Bed Bath & Beyond, Facebook

The turquoise bird features my technique that I call Tissue Paper Borders. Glue tissue paper to the back of the artwork and cut or tear it so that it extends beyond the edge. You can do this all around the piece or only in places. I have a couple of other pieces that feature this technique.

The clothespin embellishments include ribbon, glitter and rhinestones on the silk flower and a pinwheel-punched, paper flower base for the silk flower. Rather than cutting a small piece, I trimmed a piece of the flexible magnet to 3/4 the length and exactly to the width of the clothespin, for stability in holding notes, and glued it to the back.

I decided to add three, two-layer, paper-punched pinwheels. I offset the layers and added self-made, dimensional foam pieces between them. I save any sticky-backed, foam that is left over from products and save money by cutting my own pop-up pieces.

I outlined the text paper pinwheels with three colors of gel pens.

I sealed everything, back and front, with Modge Podge, avoiding the magnets and rhinestones.

I stenciled the top only of a tree branches design onto the bottoms of the birds, making sure to catch the under layers with the stencil. This was to make sure they tied in to the design rather than just being papers sticking out from underneath.

The wings are two paper-punched pinwheels folded in half. The turquoise bird has two extra wings made of my hand-painted paper.

The crowns on the two mint birds are some stamped, paper scraps that I outlined with gel pens.

The technique that I enjoyed most in this project was the stenciling, which I want to do more of.

Thanks for viewing my magnets set!
This is 9th in my 18-post Chameleon Badge pursuit! :hot_face:


What a cute set! I really like your tissue paper edge technique! The flowers I think are my fave part.

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so pretty! Love the colors and the happy accident of the paper peeking out.

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Love all the textures from all the different types of paper, shapes, layers, embellishments, etc. The colors are pretty! Lovely little magnet set.

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Beautiful set! They go together perfectly and are very pretty. Love a useful craft too!


Such a cute set! Great colors and still enough variety to keep things interesting.

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Thank you to everyone for your likes and especially to all who left the lovely comments! :bouquet::bouquet::bouquet::bouquet::bouquet:

They are so cute! Great set! Such pretty colors and embellishments - I loved the mixed media vibe! Thanks for walking through some of your techniques, too!

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Thank you, Ashley! Collage, mixed media and altered art techniques do excite me! And working in small spaces, of course. :blush:

I’m going to read your 9/30 junk journal tute. I have a feeling that it’s going to be excellent and inspiring!

Apparently I need to look at the “new” thread more often, because I had a delay in seeing these fabulous ornaments! So pretty and I love the colors!

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Thanks for the nice comments, Laura! The delay is A-OK! :ok_hand:t4:It’s fun to get a comment later on. The mint and turquoise are not my signature colors but they are a cool pair. Happy Monday!