Embellished planter inspired by Frida

My oldest and I have long loved Frida and her work (I do believe I passed this along to my child!) So daughter is in town for the night and going to take some of my shoots growing off some plants. She needed a way to transport them of course! So a quick little project to bring some plants back home!


This is adorable! Love the “headpiece”!

I love this! It is going to be even more whimsical with plants growing out of it!

What kind of paint did you use and did you have to seal it at all?

I love the so much. So very very much.

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Great idea! It turned out so good.

Love this!

I love pots with faces and this one takes the cake. :grin:

Wow I love this more than I can describe

Just acrylic paint and I don’t see the smaller ones. Plants don’t stay in them for long and I have yet to have an issue so just don’t bother. Large pots I do feel where they will stay in linger and its just a spray of matte polycyclic usually

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