Embellishments from Playing with My New Dies

I recently kind of went crazy buying some dies from Sizzix/Tim Holtz’s Chapter 3 release. We’ve been having a heat wave and stuck inside, so… PLAY DAY!


I don’t have specific plans for most of these.


I also got this older set of Stampers Anonymous/Tim Holtz postage stamp stamps that fit some of the dies.

It was fun to try to use of the scraps from the printed cardstock I used. I also saved some of the cut-outs! I already used some of the letters on a few of these embellishments.


Apologies for the severe lighting. It’s been quite dark inside as we draw the blockout shades to help keep the house cooler.


These are so fun & so post perfect for you too. How cool that you’ll use the punched out letters too. Every scrap is sacred, lol.


The specimen ones are really fun! You could do all kinds of nerdy science things with those. A paper insect collection? A museum drawer of fossils? So many possibilities!


How fun! Tim holtz has some great stuff and you always make stand out items anyway! Match made in heaven I’d say! :blush:


Love, love, love! I’ve been eyeballing the Specimen set….I think all paper crafters need mini file folders and mini envelopes!


oh man, I want all of those dies.


Ooh that’s a really cool set!


Thanks so much everyone!

@MightyMitochondria Right? Nerdy science things and mad scientist things!

@Bunny1kenobi and @geekgirl It is so tempting to buy so many Tim Holtz things and it felt like such a treat to get all three of these die sets + the stamps! And now I see that the Halloween collections are out!

@Smmarrt Each of these really speak to my love of office and scientific supplies! I justified the splurge by saying how versatile these kind of “basics” could be.


You should consider putting together packets for sale! I would buy them…it would help pay for your purchases and be used!

I really love the pieces in your new set!

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Hmmmmm. That’s something to consider! I know that one can legally sell finished projects using these dies, I am not sure about just the die cuts.

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