Embroidered Bag tags/key fobs!

I have loved making bag tags lately. Also called key fobs or snaptabs! I use my embroidery machine and marine vinyl for them!

I love these rulers so much I have made WAY too many. My girls do like to give them as gifts to friends and teachers so that works!

They are accurate so you can actually measure with them! One lives on my bag and another in my knitting bag!

I will add other tags I made in this thread! I am a bit obsessed with them so… I will Keep it all In one place!

I can only add one photo at a time right now! More to come!

Here are some I have made recently!


They look great! Of course, I love the rainbow best (that is certainly a theme of mine, haha) but I also really like the traditional school-bus yellow. Nice idea for gifts!

I LOVE that they are rulers!

Pretty handy!

These are adorable. :slight_smile:

These are a little shorter and some a different style!


They look very cool, and useful! A great combo!

Ooh those are so cool!!!

They are all really cool, and I like the different styles :smiley: Really cute, I can understand that your girls like to give them away as gifts

Super cute! AND functional!

Oh my gosh! I LOVE THESE! did you make/design or buy the pattern for the ruler? what machine did you use?

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I have a brothers 2800d embroidery machine. I bought the pattern. The different styles come in a set. They are from sunshine stitches.

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Thank you!

Such a nifty and useful gift!

Oh I love these! SUPER cute! <3