Embroidered Christmas Card

I have never made an embroidered card before.

Perhaps you’re NOT supposed to use embroidery floss, but maybe silky thread? Anyone know?

Having no particular guidance, I used this method:
–print pattern on printer paper
–tape the pattern to cardstock
–lay the paper sandwich on a pokeable surface (I used a piece of felt on top of corrugated cardboard)
–use a large needle to pierce the pattern
–remove pattern from cardstock
–stitch with two strands of thread


It’s super pretty, I really like it.

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That is delightful! I’ve never made one either so I don’t have any words of wisdom :joy:

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It looks beautiful! But yes, for these type of cards people often use other floss than regular 6-strand embroidery floss.

In my country little spools of thread marketed especially for embroidery on paper are widely available. You can usually find them with the decoupage card supplies, decoupage is extremely popular here. But I think it’s similar / the same as machine embroidery thread (like Madeira rayon) just with a different label and on tiny spools.


You made a beautiful card!
I think it works well with the embroidery floss.
And I love the little beads.
It is very stylish.

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Very pretty! I think your technique sounds very clever, too.

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It’s your art, use what you like (or have on hand)!

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I think it turned out great!

This is so delicately pretty!

This looks really pretty, I could see some narrow satin ribbon looking good too, although it might be tricky to work with in cardstock? I have never done either, so not words of experience.


What a pretty card! I love the red stars and little beads!

So beautiful!

Precision work, I hope whomever received it kept it as a decoration. That’s what I would do.

@irid3sc3nt My daughter’s boyfriend’s mom, who appreciates a beautiful card!