Embroidered Flower Pillow

I made this for @AIMR for the color in the box swap. The original pattern was really small so I made it bigger and stitched it up.


I was trying to figure out how you stitch this…did you make the pillow case after you stitched it? I can’t imagine it was already made and you have to stitch it inside the case?

It is lovely…and I have always admired the red work stitching as it looks fresh and modern and yet vintage.

The pillowcase was premade and I traced the new pattern and ironed it on. It was actually really easy to stitch the case that way.

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Gorgeous work!!

Really pretty!

Very pretty!

I really like it, you did a great job!

Thanks all!

Very pretty! You’re the embroidered pillow queen!

This is gorgeous!

This is really beautiful.