Embroidered inchies pendants and ring

I made another set of embroidered inchies. I will post a tutorial as soon as my swap partner receives them. I kept a few of the less exciting pieces and put them in these pendant and ring blanks. A BIG thank you to @Abbeeroad for the inspiration!


Those look amazing. Amazing. I will have to do this with one of the beautiful inchies you sent me though I am picking a favourite because there are NONE I don’t love! I have some resin I’ve been meaning to try out too, I think these would look amazeballs under a dome of clear resin too. Excellent!


Besides the people, the best thing about this community is seeing something we’d never think to do on our own…then taking that idea and making it our own! Awesome.


I love you get to touch them! I HATE looking with my eyes (and not with my hands).



These turned out brill!

Those are great! What a smart idea.