Embroidery colouring book?

Have you ever heard about something like this? A colouring book, but with embroidery! I’m not great at embroidery and the WIPs I have are kind of old… but this sounds like tons of fun.

Link goes to a kickstarter, I’m not sure if it’s funded yet or not.

Maybe it’d help me finish stuff, or it’d just be like my regular coloring books. Something I take out once in a blue moon and colour a half page :laughing:


This would be neat. Im just now learning some embroidery.

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Vibrant designs!

My husband has invested in some kickstarters, they’ve gone well, but read carefully and know what you’ll get.

For instance, tier five at $35 is the first that includes supplies for embroidery; the first four appear to be stickers, patches, and a pencil.

If she doesn’t make her goal by deadline this week, you don’t get anything. She’s pretty close, but it looks like she may have increased the goal at some time.

I don’t mean to harsh your buzz, just be clear on the rules.

She is now past her goal…if her plan works out, she will also sell to the public, of course at higher prices. I think her budget is a bit low to fulfill her backers, maybe that is why she raised it by another $10 grand or so…hope she goes into production as I think it is a pretty cute idea!

I dont understand what this is, is it a fabric book where you fill in the designs with colour or a book of design that you transfer to fabric and hoop. Her book descriptions seem vague but maybe I missed something.

I think it is a coloring book with her designs to color to get her sense of design and style. Some of the packages include design transfers and embroidery kits…she apparently has different levels of her designs…

She used to sell designs on Etsy …

Here is an interesting article about her…she also is on Twitter and Instagram to see her actual embroidery…warning: some adult content

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Oh, I know! I’ve backed crowdfunded things that went without a hitch and others that haven’t delivered everything yet (years down the line). But thanks for spelling it out! It’s not like buying an item at all. It’s investing in an idea and maybe getting something…

I just thought it was a neat idea.


Thanks, that helped and that Arthur meme🤣

Sorry if I came off all Cassandra on you. I was expecting a coloring book or something similar, was considering investing to support the crafts, but had trouble understanding just what was being offered.

Sounds like plenty of people understood it enough to invest; I hope she does well.

She was my inspiration for my “save the bush” embroidery… :slight_smile:

That is really cool!