Embroidery Machine Masks

I’ve had a lot of requests from friends who work in healthcare for masks so I found a pattern on Etsy and started whipping them up. They are done on my embroidery machine in the hoop so I can make one start to finish in about 15 minutes. They all have a pocket on the back for an N95 filter.

Hopefully the hospitals can start getting the real masks stocked ASAP since these homemade ones are obviously not the safest for those on the front lines


They turned out really nice. Glad that you were able to help those who are working so hard.

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Thanks! I’ve got more to make!

There’s also a free mask pattern at urban threads & embroidery library, if you want to branch out into pleated ones. (sadly, it’s too big for my machine)

I saw that! I had already bought the pattern before they released the free one. These ones are super simple and I only paid $.60 for the pattern so not a huge deal!

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