Emmanuel Katto Uganda: How to make a vinyl sleeve?

Hello folks, I am Emmanuel Katto from Uganda. I am struggling in creating a vinyl sleeve which I have to make for my daughter’s project, can anyone help me with the steps to make a vinyl sleeve?

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Hello & welcome! Folks here are very helpful and someone may know about the project you’re attempting. It would be helpful to have a bit more detail. Would you tell us some more about the vinyl sleeve? Purpose, dimensions, construction options? Do you happen to have an image of a similar item?


Sure, plaese have a look I want to create like this image…
emmanuel vinyl sleeve


You’re looking to create a protective sleeve for a vinyl album, not a sleeve made of vinyl, correct?
Are you wanting a template or instructions on how to create the cover art in a digital program?


I moved this over to Discussion and Questions, so you will hopefully get more traction.

I think they are asking how to make a protective sleeve for a vinyl album. That’s how I am reading it.

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Hello Magpie, your reply is really helpful to Emmanuel Katto . :+1:

Hi Emmanuel Katto. I am from UK. Here is the tutorial how you can make vinyl sleeve:

Begin by marking a rectangular shape measuring 12 ½ inches by 25 inches on a poster board.
Locate the midpoint on the longer side of the rectangle and draw a straight line to its center, dividing it into two equal squares.
Extend the top and bottom sides of the squares by one inch on each side to create tabs that will secure the cover.
Carefully cut out the rectangle along the outer lines, ensuring not to cut the center line, using a craft knife or a sturdy cutter.
Fold the one-inch tabs on each side inward, using a scissor or bone folder to create crisp folds.
Fold the rectangle along the center line so that the tabs are tucked inside, forming a square.
Once folded properly, unfold it and apply glue only to the tabs, avoiding other areas to prevent difficulty in sliding the vinyl inside.
Fold the fronts to meet the tabs and let them set in place. Allow the box to dry for a few hours to complete your DIY vinyl cover.