Emmanuel Katto Uganda: How to make a vinyl sleeve?

Hello folks, I am Emmanuel Katto from Uganda. I am struggling in creating a vinyl sleeve which I have to make for my daughter’s project, can anyone help me with the steps to make a vinyl sleeve?

Hello & welcome! Folks here are very helpful and someone may know about the project you’re attempting. It would be helpful to have a bit more detail. Would you tell us some more about the vinyl sleeve? Purpose, dimensions, construction options? Do you happen to have an image of a similar item?


Sure, plaese have a look I want to create like this image…
emmanuel vinyl sleeve


You’re looking to create a protective sleeve for a vinyl album, not a sleeve made of vinyl, correct?
Are you wanting a template or instructions on how to create the cover art in a digital program?

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I moved this over to Discussion and Questions, so you will hopefully get more traction.

I think they are asking how to make a protective sleeve for a vinyl album. That’s how I am reading it.