Enamel Pin Display

Both @PerfectlyBohemian and I collect enamel pins. She needed a display so I made this for her. We also share a love of plants so I had to include some felt succulents.


simply perfect!

I adore it! It’s for sure the most unique pin display I own now, and I have hundreds of pins, so you would think I’d have something nice for them :rofl: The succulents are super pretty and I love the fabric/cork combo with the layering! You did such an awesome job with this, and I want to try to make more like it now!

Also I managed to fit 28 plant-themed pins on it within a few minutes of unboxing :slight_smile: (Counting the two that KK sent :blue_heart:).


This is just beautiful.

A hoopla! OH GOSH! THAT’S SUCH A GOOD IDEA! I’m running out of room on my jacket and the soft-back pins everyone uses nowadays always fall off when I have a pin on my jacket. Is that cork?

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It is! I had some I used for a previous project. It is the thickness of heavy duty card stock and I attached it to heavy cardboard for backing.

I think we all want to see it with pins!

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Don’t have to ask ME twice to show off pins :wink:


WOW! Creative way to display that impressive collection! What a nice way to see them all in one spot!!

Love those succulents!

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So pretty and practical

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This is awesome! Those succulents make me happy. I have a daughter and two DILs who would hang this on the wall as is- no pins, just for art’s sake. Because it is beautifully done.

I love this! It’s really great on it’s own which makes it a super great pin display!

This. Is. The. Bomb!

Your pin collection is so enviable @PerfectlyBohemian :heart_eyes: where do you buy them from?

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Everywhere :wink: I’ll have to post something on the lounge to show off though since this is off-topic.

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I just love how this turned out!

Very cool! We collect pins from every state we visit together. And from special places, and events…

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