Endless Wonder bookmark

I made this for @Kwality570 in the bookmark swap. It features our mutual fandom of the show Warehouse 13 (I was SO sad when it ended!) and I went with a simple design.

Endless Wonder is a reference to both reading, and to the Warehouse itself. The hands are wearing purple gloves, which the characters in the show wore to protect themselves from the effects of the magical artifacts they collected.

Thanks for looking!


I donโ€™t know the show, but I love the bookmark!

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Ditto thatโ€”not familiar with the show, but great bookmark!

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Thanks, friends!

Looks like you touched on just the right aspects of the show and reading!

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Thank you!

I loved warehouse 13!
Great bookmark!

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Perfect book sentiment. Iโ€™ll have to look up that show nowโ€ฆ

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Thank you! And the show is so goodโ€ฆ. I really loved it.