Eraser stamps and ATCs

I’ve recently been following an Instagrammer who makes amazing little stamps out of regular pink erasers, and felt inspired to try that technique myself!

I was working on an ATC for theme “FROGGIES” and knew I wanted to try making an eraser stamp, but decided to start simple with just footprints instead of a whole frog. I used a really cheap lino cutter and a pink pearl eraser, and here’s what I came up with:

It was a bit difficult to cut exactly how I wanted it, but I thought it turned out alright!

Next, I drew a little croaking froggie:

Then I cut it out and collaged a background using the stamp, different colors of crepe paper, and some dried flowers:

Since that card went well, I got more ambitious with my next one! I’d claimed the theme “sloth,” and as I tried to think how I could use a stamp for that, I almost immediately came up with an idea that I couldn’t get out of my head: I’d draw most of the sloth with colored pencils, and would make a stamp of just its face, which I’d paste across its head with a contrasting bar, almost like a censor/anonymity bar. I wasn’t at ALL sure I could pull it off but definitely wanted to try.

At first as I was working on carving the face, I was SO sure I was making a mess of it. The eraser itself did not look great at all, and I felt like I was just gouging it to pieces. But I figured at least it would be practice and I could learn what to try differently the next time, so I stamped with it just to see…and was honestly astonished with how nice it turned out!!

Seriously, I can’t even tell you how pleased I am with this! It almost didn’t feel possible with how badly I’d thought I was doing!

As for the rest, I drew the sloth as planned and popped it all on a lovely masterboard from a swap:

Now it’s all ready to deliver tomorrow!


Erasers are perfect for carving. The art teacher used those in the art room at my old school. I love yours. The sloth!

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These both came out awesome! Love the new technique and how you used it in your artwork. I’m sure this is just the start of some fun stamping-art combos from you!

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There are great! Both the sweet stamps that the lovely ATCs!

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Both are great! Love the little sucker toes, and the sweet sloth expression!

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Both of your attempts were so successful and definitely add a fun flair to your cards! The sloth stamp looks so good, I would’ve never guessed that it would have caused you any doubt.

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I love the little footprints especially, but they’re both really cool! I am not a good carver, so I applaud your patience!

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Both of these stamps are adorable, as are the finished projects! I have tried this myself and it’s tricky business! Yours turned out great!

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Both of these are fantastic. I love how you elevate your ATCs each time and expand your skills. The frog feet almost look like they are wet and are perfect for the frog. And the sloth is amazing. I love how artistic you got with the mask. Both are spectacular.


These are great! Love how you used them for your ATCs too. :slight_smile: I’ve been meaning to give eraser carving a try too. I’ve seen some great eraser carvings over the years. :slight_smile:

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Gorgeous! The sloth facs turned out amazing and the little frog feet! Stunning!

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