European Alleyway Book Nook Shelf Insert

This little book nook is intended to add a little magic to a bookshelf. It’s made from laser cut chipboard components.


Oh, this is so enchanting! I love it!!! And your books are interesting, too…

Thanks! We both grew up in cities and didn’t get into farming until after we retired. Reference books are how we got started.

So imaginative and whimsical. Love the cobblestone especially and the dog saying hi! It looks perfect among your books. :smile:

Thank you! There is an orange kitty asleep in the window across the alley from the corgi. :smile:

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There is! I missed it!

How appropriate the kitty is asleep and the pup is nosey, haha!

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Here are some images of the walls before assembling the box together.
Makes them easier to see.


Fantastic idea to add interest to the book line up!

One of the things I love about old cities and Europe are the alleyways and peeks into courtyards! So many cool doors and things to see!

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I love this!! I love the fun and whimsy of it, I love the detail of the bread bag, I love the aged look of the walls! I’ve been thinking of making a little house out of books, but this looks a lot more manageable. Thank you for sharing this wonderful project!

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I could get lost in there, so cozy

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Thanks you guys!

Oh how cute!! I love this!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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How adorable! I love the distressed and dirty paint job you did!

Thank you! The walls are actually Tim Holtz scrapbook papers, aren’t they great? They come already distressed.

I love this more than you will ever know. I really want to make one. How hard was it to make?

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It took me two days. Not hard at all! The nook and architectural components can be found here
I got the chickens and flowers from Michaels. The cobblestones were made with a stencil and Ranger texture paste.

AWESOME! I am going to order one. Thanks!

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I just ordered a set of LED lights for my next one. That will be a new adventure.

Holy moly I cannot even begin to tell you how enchanted I am with this! I may HAVE TO create one of these. I’m smitten! :heart_eyes:

Thank you! Do a google search for book nook shelf insert and prepare to be smitten.

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