Experimenting with colored pencils

I never had a proper introduction to colored pencils, so I just had a vision of the result and I began my process.

The birds were the first try so I’m less happy with them, but than it got more fun.
Drawing vibrant colors on a black paper is so exciting, I’ll continue experimenting:)

With love,


Fun stuff! Experiments sometimes yield the most innovative work.


Those beetles on the black paper look especially great!

One reliable way I’ve found to work with colored pencils is lots of light layers. You can slowly blend and build up the color without streakiness that way, which helps to get more intense areas that show less paper tone through and make the whole drawing more dimensional (if that’s what you’re going for). I have a tendency to stop too soon because I worry about overworking, but it takes time to build up some of the darker values.


I love the beetles on black, they are great. Welcome to lettucecraft, :grin:


That’s really good advice @Amy I hope you post some of your work on lettuce, we’d love to see it. And welcome :grin:


Your drawings are well done!

I like your experiments! Continue them…I am sure that it will be fun and quite the learning experience as well!

The otter is particularly adorable, but I am a huge fan of insects…they are fabulous!

Welcome to you and to @amy!

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they all look great but I especially like the bunny and otter!

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I’m a bird lover, and I think they look great! Were you using regular colored pencils or Prismacolor (or like?) which are special to help with shading and blending?

Thanks for sharing your work. Welcome to you and @amy!

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All the drawings are lovely, but the bugs on black are stunning :heart_eyes:

Welcome to both you and @amy

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Beautiful! And welcome to Lettuce Craft @Darianrty. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The bunny and otter are my favorites! I LOVE the way you colored them with multiple colors but still achieved the shading necessary. These are all spectacular though! I love the texture you created on the birds too. I can imagine touching their feathers.
I can’t wait to see more!

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Those are so sweet! The bunny and the otter are so cute. Also…Welcome!

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Welcome to both you and @amy!

I’m impressed with your shading!!

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They are all fantastic. I love the look on the bunnies face. It has a bit of sass to it.


The black paper is such a cool idea! Love the critters

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@Darianrty these are amazing. The color transition make them feel alive.

so I just had a vision of the result

I envy you so much. Being able to see what you want to create is something I wish I had more often. Yes I know some see it as a curse but would embrace it as a gift.

Thank you for sharing. :smiley:

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Welcome, thanks for sharing. I agree with @Lynx2Lancer that your birds look great.

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The otter! Wassthat??? What do I see over there?

I am in love with your color palette! And the black pages are fantastic! Great work!

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Brilliant! The beetles on black paper are so striking!

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Congrats! Your Colored Pencil Drawings are one of this week’s featured projects. Way to go!