Experiments in fabric printing with commercial stamps

Today the postman brought me some stamps from Aliexpress, they are standard cling stamps (I didn’t have an acrylic block to hand so a quilting ruler got pressed into service)

These are the results, printed onto fabric that I’d previously tie-dyed. It’s a bit labor intensive as the stamps are only about 4-5" but it’s a great technique for small bits of fabric that are going to be the centre of a piece of work. I’m thinking this one-vintage dress pattern, would make a great pocket on a dress.

The starburst is is my favourite because it lines up

Buttons, this stamp does not line up. The other one is Circus tickets.


Love the vintage dress stamp. Yes! I would look good as a pocket or maybe on a tote bag as a pocket.

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Ooh, the buttons would be so great for needle books, sewing bags, all the stitch related things!


Looking at this, looks like you turned the stamp 90° between each impression. Would it line up if you kept the orientation the same? It looks like it might, but hard to tell for sure.

I love these all so much!
Why did I never think of using a quilting ruler for my unmounted stamps? :woman_facepalming:
I’ve been messing with lino prints recently, which have been fun, but to use stamps is so much easier lol.
What ink did you use?

I’ll have a closer look at lining them up. I had one done and tried all four sides of the next and it didn’t work. But a different side might

I don’t love the ink I used. It’s a speedball product. Fabric paint in a tube, that dries and doesn’t need ironing to set. (Which is good because I don’t like the ironing stage) but the inks are quite viscous-compared with the screen printing inks that I normally use.

They get to the printing consistency with a roller fairly fast-but they also dry very fast on the glass when rolled out, so I feel that they are more wasteful.


Edel, I love all your fabric stamping! It’s all so imaginative!

They look great! I actually just cut up some of the stamped fabric you sent me for a quilt! I’m using up a bunch of handprinted fabric and I can’t wait to see it all come together :smiley:


Really liking the button one!

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Fun! I love the buttons. :grinning:

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I can’t believe how small the lines are on a machine stamp. and that lovely lady is fabulous. It reminds me of the 80s Fashion Plates or Flip-And-Fold-Fashions.

A pocket is going to be a PERFECT use!


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