Exploring the Torus

A torus is a sort of sliceform in the round. These do not fold flat.

Daisy torus:



Fall leaves torus:

leaf edge torus

Video of leaf torus.

Holly torus:

This one is pretty big. It’s 16 pieces, one per sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper. I used 4 different colors of green. Cut files are here.




Wow, they are spectacular! I love the holly especially.

That holly is absolutely stunning. The red berries just make it pop. Very cool!

These are so pretty!

What a cool concept. And thanks for always sharing your files with us!

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Love the holly wreath!

These look so complex! They are stunning.

:two_hearts: Your magnificent project is one of this week’s Featured Projects!

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Oooooh that holly torus is especially lovely!!

Your work is always so precise. How do you store these, since you say they do not fold flat, but do they just lay flat? The font of your website is a bit hard to read on the last image.

@excelsior The little ones were experiments to see how the process worked. I had them for awhile and then pitched them. The wreath I gave away – so it’s no longer my problem :wink: