Extreme Christmas Card 2022: The Wheel

The envelope.

The front of the card. You need to read it out loud in an enthusiastic! announcer! voice.

The inside.

The spinner in action.

The letter is titled Thanks for Playing and has a light background of colored wedges.


How amazingly well done. This is great and oh, oh so true.

Great encapsulation of 2022, and love the game show theme—so much fun!

I think every year since 2019 can be called the year of anxiety. Ha! Fun card!


Every year these cards amaze me, you’ve got such great ideas.

Oh no! Lol! Are you sending it to someone? :laughing: Fun but depressing. :rofl:

This card goes to people who know us well enough to get the jokes. (This year I made 73 of this particular card.) I’ve been doing this for a very long time–since 1989–so they’re all used to my take on the holidays.


Oh man, those are all so great. Wish I was on your card list, I would for sure save them all & display them each year. Too fun!

Not trying to be rude or anything. I assumed as such. I’m just like “noooooo!” Cuz I’m too sensitive to all the shit happening in the last few years. :heart: But also I wanted to tell you it was clever.


@RagingSloth It’s not everyone’s esthetic. That’s why I have different cards for different audiences.

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I love this so much!!! And well done on the spinning card- I tried making one and it didn’t spin as well as yours!! What did you use for the spinning mechanisms?

Its a great card its really cool, although I must confess as I was reading the spinning wheel of misfortune, my mind starting singing it to the tune of ‘we didn’t start the fire’ - which also works? :grimacing:

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Well done! But your extreme cards are always fantastic!


I saw this briiliant technique using a cotton swab (the kind with a plastic stick).

Cut off the swab parts. Using a household iron, press the cut end against the hot iron until it starts to melt and spread out into a small disc, which will still be attached to the stick. Allow to cool.

Stick the unmelted end through the holes in the spinner pieces. I precut neat holes in the wheels, but just poked with a pin through the black backing. Trim the plastic stick at the back of the card. How much to leave is something you’ll need to experiment with. With the card upside down, melt the other end of the stick until it’s flat. It’s FLAT ENOUGH TO MAIL!!

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The awesomeness of this card makes the truth bomb easier to swallow! Love it!

@mellybelly81 Time for a 21st century version.

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