Extreme social distancing

I painted this hat for @TheMistressT in the IYP swap (crazy… I thought I’d posted it already, but nope). She told me she had a large cranium but I really didn’t know how large until I saw the pics of her trying it on! :joy: I’m glad it was adjustable! It also has a slit in the back so it can be worn with a high ponytail.

Anyway, she’s a Bigfoot fan so I thought he should grace her noggin.

I designed this logo, and I really like how it turned out!


That’s right a Bigfoot for Bighead! :rofl:

This has been perfect for keeping my glasses dry during spring sprinkles while exercising Delia Dog.


I’m so glad you like it!! :slight_smile::slight_smile:


I have the opposite problem- tiny head, short crown. :confounded:

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Bigfoot!! Its always a win.
PS. My autocorrect changed it to bigot. Lol. Nope, no.



My husband has a huge head (he claims it’s full of brain, I say it’s fat), and I’ve had to alter a number of hats for him. I buy two, and insert a section of one into the other.


Thanks, guys!

Hysterical! Awesomeness!

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Thank you!!

Everything about this hat is perfectly adorable! What a great swap gift!

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Thank you!

I love the camouflage look of the hat :call_me_hand:t2:

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