Eye of the Rose Wreath

Spooky cheap wreath!


Sometimes my local JoAnn will have a table of free-with-purchase merchandise - usually it’s stuff that’s from last season that has already been on 70%+ off for awhile. Well, this summer this fern frond wreath was on (well, under) that table! (orig. $39.99)

The eyeball-centered roses, etc. came from Dollar Tree and when I spotted them on their website I knew they’d find a loving forever home on that wreath at my house.


The wreath came with this twiggy hanger on the back which I removed to add to the top of this black burlap ribbon so the wreath would hang at a better place on the door.

I used hot glue to put all the stuff on the wreath except the ribbon is wired on using the wire that had held the twiggy ring onto the back.


I love it! A little sweet, a little spooky. And such a bargain shopper!

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That fern wreath was a steal! I love the addition of the roses with eyes. Also one of those things were if you forgot to put up a different wreath after the spooky season, you could get away with it since the eyes are a little subtle. :heart_eyes:

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Lovely colors!
I’d use that anytime.

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Thanks, all!

hehe! And we could get away with it because people know we’re kind of creepy!


This is awesome!! And I’m jealous that your Joann store does that free with purchase thing! Dang!

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LOVE this!

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Free with purchase?! That’s the best deal ever! This is so cool. Perfect for the holiday and beyond.

Thanks, friends!

It’s great! But there’s usually not something nearly so nice in there as that wreath. I think this spring they sold totally different things than expected and were also closed for a couple-few weeks.

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Haha you know I love this! Ingenious!


Spooky and fancy!

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Thanks, y’all!

That is so cool! Those roses are a fabulous find.