Fabric bag to store my fabric

I received a lovely floral print in the Little Good Things swap from my partner @crafty-becky. This year I have resolved to use up my stash and what better way to do it but use some of the wonderful fabrics I have received in all of the years of swapping! If I do it right away, it is no longer stash, right?

Since I didn’t really plan ahead, this took me longer than it should have…I normally cut out all of the pieces in advance, but this time, I just cut and sewed and had to measure as I went for the lining and decorative band. Everything was from stash…I have linen to last forever and the apricot was a scrap from a long term quilting project…the lining is from a previous quilt swap as well…it didn’t quite go but no one except me will see it anyway…

And action shot…


Fantastic and functional!


Oooh, that is really nice!! I am a sucker for the linen plus bright fabrics combo every time! Beautiful work :grinning:


Very pretty! Love the fabric combination.

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Love the fabric you chose. This is so great!


Yay! Stash busting and functional, that is double great! Love the bag! Great job Linda! :+1:t3::orange_heart:


It’s super cheerful!

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Great job using your stash plus creating something as you went along. Pretty fabric choices :slight_smile:

Did you use any pattern as inspiration or just made it up?

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This is so pretty! Way to bust that stash!

ha ha I pretty much winged it…as you can see, the fabric is about three inches inside as it was too tall so I folded it down and then cut the lining fabric to fit…but then I realized I had no way of attaching the handle in a seam, so I cut the fabric on the fold, inserted the handle and had to sew it all around again and then topstitched it…it was not well planned as I was impatient to get it done and have a basket for my working fabrics…

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That looks really cute, and even if there are some issues I’m certain nobody but you will notice XD It’s really cute. Great job at using your stash :smiley:

Looks great for winging it. I like the way the same fabric is lining the top of the basket.

Well done! If it doesn’t have time to even enter the stash, the monster can’t grow! :blush:

I love that you used your swap gift immediately, that’s the best! And it’s such a cute bag too.

Nice! Well done you for trying to control your fabric stash :smiley:

lol it is sort of ironic to use stash to store stash…


Clever little thing. Storing stash fabric in former stash fabric. Brilliant! You said the apricot color doesn’t really go but it looks like it does in the picture. It’s very pretty.

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I used a lime green lining. That was what did not go well…since I knew it was not going to be seen much (always filled with working fabric), I wanted to destash it quickly…I bought four yards of the stuff and it just won’t go away…ha ha ha

I liked the apricot…I wanted to hide the seam a bit because the contrast of the two fabrics was a bit jarring to me…