Fabric Bucket for Household Burnables

Our house is mostly heated with wood in a woodstove. We kept a paper grocery sack in a wooden basket near it for the paper we use to help get the fires started. It doesn’t take long for that sack to get sloppy and torn. Plus it never looked very nice.

I had purchased a yard of this gorgeous yarn-dyed flannel in November for another project that I decided not to make, but before it was squirreled away in stash, I decided to use it for this! The photo below probably is most true to color, at least on my monitor.

I used black grey flannel left over from a t-shirt quilt I made a few years ago for the lining as well as binding left from that project over the seam allowances on the interior.

The bias binding at the top is left from making the guest room duvet set that is the surface I photographed this on. :laughing: Portuguese flannel that backs the duvet and pillow shams and that I ended up making window shades from for the guest room, too! I will get every bit of that made into something if it’s the last thing I do!


For both the sides and bottom I used fusible fleece on both the exterior and liner fabrics - so two layers of that as stiffener. Since that material only fuses on one side, I did a minimal amount of quilting to keep them from getting all cattywampus.


Anyway, it’s now full of TP tubes, torn cardboard boxes too mangled to be used for shipping, TheMisterT’s drafts, and grocery store circulars.


It looks so cute and cozy. Now I want to snuggle up by your woodstove.


I need to do this to sit next to mine! Such a fab idea :smiley:


What a great upgrade!

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Thanks, y’all!

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Love the fabric! Looks very tidy.

Oh this is GREAT! I love how you’ve married a woodsy plaid flannel with whimsical purple, diagonal quilting, & that excellent trim! Practical & so attractive.

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What a great way to solve your issue! Your bucket looks great and is undoubtedly much nicer to look at vs. a torn paper bag.

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Thanks, friends!

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This looks so dapper and cozy. Reading your story I could image you curled up near the wood stove reading and leaning over and tossing some papers into the fire. I love the smell of a wood stove!

PS. LOVE that wood fabric that you used as the background. That would be one cozy room!

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