Fabric flower earrings

I love olive green–it matches my eyes–but couldn’t find the right beads for earrings.

These are three graduated circles of silk sari scraps, stiffened with glue, and threaded on an eyepin with dangles.

They’re almost 2" long, so bigger than I’d usually wear, but I love them!

I saw similar construction on YouTube, and made it my own.

Bought the silk from this vendor on eBay, she’s very nice, and offers narrow strips/ribbons/yarn as well as wider pieces. Make sure you know what size is being sold.


These are really cool! They almost look like paper.

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Very interesting, they look a bit like skirts :slight_smile:

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Very pretty.I love the color combo.


Love the colors! I’d love to see an action shot!

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Congrats! Your Fabric Flower Earrings are one of this week’s featured projects.
Way to go!

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These are favorite colors of mine as well…I have green eyes and green seems to make them stand out!

Love how you did them…I have some scraps of sari and kimono silk…never thought to stiffen them up…hmmmm…

Lovely job!

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Wow, thank you!

Those are BEAUTIFUL!!! :heart_eyes:

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What a clever solution and pretty too!

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Lovely earrings!

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