Fabric Masks for those in need

Fabric masks for my agency–for our staff and clients! Not bad for not using a sewing machine since home economics in high school lol


I’ll be making some as well. Better than nothing, if you’ve got to be around peeps. Even just as a reminder not to touch your own face, right? How many times a day to I reach for my own eyes, nose, mouth? Sheesh, I never knew I was so self-facially touchy-feely!


These are awesome. I especially like the plaid ones. So true, every bit helps, and it’s great that these lovelies are being made for staff and clients as well. :slight_smile:

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Great idea and so sweet of you to make them.

Those are great! Been seeing more of these popping up all over the interwebs. :slight_smile:
Joann’s was giving out kits to make them for hospitals.

:slight_smile: Yeah, our local JoAnns sold out already of the supplies. I’ve had to use headbands for the elastic :flushed:

I was opposed to making these at first because they aren’t super effective, but I think most everywhere can relate to the notion of, “unfortunately that is where we are” with this virus :frowning: