Fabric Notebook Covers

I made one notebook cover each for two different swaps this time around. I had some really fun fabric I wanted to use, but had never actually made a notebook cover before. In fact, I have made very few things up until now that actually have to fit onto another object, so the idea of getting all the measurements right was pretty intimidating. But I think they turned out pretty good! :slight_smile:

I used this tutorial. Once I’m a little better at patchwork, I’d like to level up to more original patchwork covers, but for now I was just enjoying using these fun prints.

The covers are removeable, so they can be used for other standard sized composition books later if desired.


They look like they fit perfectly and I love the fabrics.


Using cute fabrics always makes those composition journals much nicer to use!

You did a great job on them!


So much cuter than the basic black and white composition book covers


They turned out great!

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What fun fabric choices! If you’re going to use a notebook, why not make it a cute one?

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They are lovely!

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