Fabulous yarn. Now what?

I got three skeins of this wild fringey pompom yarn. It makes me happy to look at it, but I have no idea what to use it for.

I don’t knit, crochet, or weave.

I don’t think I’d wear something made of it, and it’s not in colors I’d use to decorate my house.
I used a similar yarn for tassels on my studio curtains and love the effect, but don’t need pink.

What can I do with it? Maybe trim on a blouse or tote, but it’s kind of clown college.

Maybe I’ll just smile at it for a while, then give it away. Anybody got a use for it?


Ooooh, pretty! If it were mine, I might try to make a yarn-wrapped wreath for a Valentine’s decoration.


Oohh it’s lovely. I’d so wear a slouchy hat made from it.


It’s ok to just have yarn to look at and pet because it’s pretty.


Thanks for justifying my collection! Lol.


Wind it into balls and get a pretty glass bowl to put them in. Place bowl on coffee table and enjoy!


Great suggestions!
I have a big pink bottlebrush tree in my holiday decorations box. It might look great with a garland of this yarn.
So that’s about a yard claimed.

I have three 50g balls. Because, you know, I couldn’t just buy one, had to have them ALL. Especially since they were only 50¢ each. They’re about $7 each on eBay!

I used a similar yarn as one strand of some handspun yarn (the other strand, green, was spun by me), with the bobbles popping out like berries on a vine. Branching off from that idea, you could make a really cute twine by twisting this up with white or black crochet thread. Kind of like a mashup of striped baker’s twine and pom-pom trim. No tools needed, just twist the night away.

Another possibility would be to incorporate long strands into a Rapunzel scarf or a similar no-knit scarf, with other scraps of various complimentary yarns.

Some yarns look better as a skein/ball than as a finished product, and I think that’s definitely the case with these. They’re so delightful in and of themselves! And you can’t beat the price…

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I’m a sucker for all these types of novelty yarn, especially when my local Tuesday Morning puts them on clearance. I usually end up double strand knitting them with a solid yarn that matches. I make a scarf or hat, then give it to someone who I know would enjoy it. My niece has been a frequent recipient. Right now my stash is loaded up with them just waiting for inspiration. :laughing: