Fair isle tension - how to get it right?

I am up to the skulls on my skull and cross bones beanie for my son. I tried last year and from the front looked good, the back tension was too tight and didn’t fit my son at all.

Are there any tips or tricks on keeping good tension that doesn’t shrink the piece? I think I was concerned with making the knit tension too loose at each yarn change. @Raury has suggested knitting inside out, but I am still not sure how loose I need to make the ‘back’ yarn.

Because tension is so unique to each individual, this is pretty much the ONLY time I recommend knitting a swatch. I have tried knitting inside out and for me, I check too much, and was constantly flipping it. A swatch should solve for that. Otherwise, it’s just practice to get your float right. Hats are great for that, though! Don’t give up!

Good luck!


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Thanks. I am going with inside out for now and if it doesn’t work I will swatch.