Fairy House at the Preschool

Long story short, we hold summer “camp” in June and July - themed weeks of activities and food. The first week was Box week and those of you who are teachers or parents know that all you need is a cardboard box for fun.

We asked each child to decorate a box to make a sculpture for the front of the school.

And it remained undamaged for about 5-6 weeks which was fab. But I knew the wind or some interloper would interfere at some point. I have been dismantling the damaged or mice-eaten parts but I’m trying to hang on to it for 2 more weeks until we close.

So I added this fairy house on a platform (so it can come inside each evening)

The realtor sign is one of the parents at the school. I have a ton of bits and bobs to add but I want to see what the children decide. I will add a “LEASED” sign on Friday. I have moving boxes and mini Amazon boxes for next week, an acorn bed, and other baskets with stuff. I don’t want to go overboard but it’s fun to make all the little bits.

I used a Brie cheese box as the base for the house and the roof.

And foil and masking tape for the crooked roof

EDIT TO ADD: The reviews so far are mixed. Many parents have spied it but the children are less curious because it’s going-home time and they just want to go. We’ll see the reactions tomorrow. A few are enchanted and one boy said “I don’t even know what that is!”


Sooo cute! Love the realtor sign- perfect touch!

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What a great idea and it turned out so cute! Love seeing the kids’ box sculpture.

what a great idea!
does that one box have wiggle eyes on it? cool!

Yes the children added all kinds of bling to their creations!

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Love that little for lease sign. Very cute.

This is just so dang whimsical and adorable!

I spy a unicorn box, too! Love the things kids (and adults) can do with cardboard and imagination!

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That is such a fun idea! I’m sure the kids loved seeing it every day!

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