Fall Leaves Bunting

For the One Small Fall, Y’all swap, I made @Bunny1Kenobi this bunting!

I purchased the bunting and spray tie dye and went to town doing the background.

I used leaf stencils and green spray tie dye for the leaves. I dotted some yellow acryl in the leaves for the two tone look.

I tried to change leaves and rotation a bit for fun.

I love how it turned out! Spray tie dye is fun!

Thanks for looking.


So very festive!

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This came out great!

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I so love this! That spray tie dye is very cool. Love how you made the leaves two-tone as well.

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What an interesting technique! Thanks for sharing. It turned out really lovely!

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That looks great! The background colour choices really compliment the leaves. Nice work!

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I was thinking, it looks like the flags can come off the cord. If they can, or if you made one that did somehow, this would be a really cool group project for your classroom at the start of a year- each kid could decorate one and then they could hang up all year cheering up the room.


I didn’t even know that spray tie dye existed. The leaves look great and the extra yellow was a nice touch.


It’s funny you mention that because I had bought some to sew clear vinyl on that I can have kids decorate pictures I can change out…but haven’t gotten there yet.

@gozer, I didn’t know about spray tie dye either!


This came out great! Love the contrast. The leaves really pop!

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