Falling Leaves Bonnet

I absolutely LOVE that pattern. I haven’t seen anything like it before and I adore it. Your yarn is perfectly highlighted by the design. It’s stunning.

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Yarn: stunning
Fall inspiration photo: stunning
Hat: now you get to wear all the stunning inspiration around! great work!


Thank you so much!

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You really captured the shades you were going for and the hat looks so great. Nice work.

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This is just stunning, I love the yarn and the colours and I am so impressed by people who spin.

About the pattern, is it difficult? I am an averagely skilled crocheter, but it looks a bit complex.

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Thank you!

The pattern is almost all front/back post DC and f/bpdc2tog or 3tog. The pattern repeats a lot and is written very clearly. But, there’s nothing in there that’s too complex. If you take it slow until you get the groove of the pattern, it’s very manageable. I love post stitches, so I would definitely make it again and recommend the pattern.

Not a clue what a post stitch is.

Going to Google…

You have however inspired me, not to spin, I think that’s probably beyond be. But I have bought some white cotton yarn to dye.

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Post stitches look fancy but are simple & easy to learn. You can do it!

@tendstowardschaos , I checked out her other pattern & wow!

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