Family Birthday Wall Calendar Tutorial

I made this for my mother-in-law for Christmas in 2014. She had mentioned she saw one and loved it, and so it was born. :blush: I created it with the style and decor of her home in mind.

Wooden plaque
Wooden nickels
Acrylic paint in two colors
Brush and spouncer sponge
Letter stickers
Ceiling hooks
Open S hooks
Ribbon for hanging
Staple gun and staples
Permanent marker


Gather your supplies.

Apply two coats of paint to the wooden nickels and wooden plaque.

Center align and tape your FAMILY stencil to prepare for painting.

Using the spouncer, apply paint throughout your stencil.

On the bottom edge of the wooden plaque, measure and mark positions for ceiling hooks – one for each month of the year. Attach hooks.

Using ninja precision, align the itty bitty stickers above their corresponding hooks to mark the months. I may or may not have used tweezers for this step.

Flip the wooden plaque over and, using your staple gun, attach the ribbon for hanging. Tie the ribbon in a pretty little bow.

Drill holes in the wooden nickels. I stacked 5 of them together, held them with a clamp and drilled them in batches to save some time.

Using the permanent marker, doodle the name and birth day of a family member on a wooden nickel. One nickel per person.

Hang all of the birthdays on the calendar and bask in the awesomeness you’ve created.


I moved this project over from our old Craftster site by finding it on Wayback Machine. You can do the same for older projects of yours! Just download your photos and copy and paste your text to a new thread here. :heart:


Very sweet and great reminder. It would be a neat way to watch your family grow, too.

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What a good idea and great you got it from Cster

You rock! :metal:t2:

Love this! May have to steal this idea; I don’t remember seeing it before.

Very sweet!

I’m always amazed at how families multiply.

What a great way to keep those special days straight!

Oh my MIL would love this!! Thanks for sharing the tute. :grin: