Family Trio Embroidery Hoops

I am still learning embroidery and am a complete newbie to it, but I saw something similar to this on my swap partner’s (@jillybeans) Pinterest and wanted to give it a shot.

Iused wash away ink to draw on the fabric first and embroidered over it. It was kind of tricky with the curves, but I think it turned out okay.
It has her and her husbands names with a + sign and a heart. This part was what was on her Pinterest. I decided to add her kids on there with = signs.
I used white fabric with silver glitter. You have to really zoom in to see it in a picture though.

I thought they turned out very sweet looking.
I hope she likes them, she said she did.
It makes me want to try more embroidery. I have tons of thread! Ha!
Oh, and I finished the backs with white felt with silver flecks too. Sorry, no pic.


Very cool! Thanks for the tip about zooming in to see the sparkles; they look great!

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I absolutely do love them! They are so well done, absolutely perfect! The girls also though they were pretty!


Oh so charming!

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Very sweet!

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The little equals-hoops for the kids are the cutest touch.

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what a darling idea! and the = signs are brilliant! thx for sharing

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