Fancy Candy Box

I am about to tell you the easiest way to turn a simple candy box into a cute little treasure. For the Winter Book Swap I wanted to send my partners a box of chocolates but the box was so boring (but sturdy!). So I found some fun scrapbook paper and stickers and dolled up the boxes. It is so easy and I love the way they turned out! After the chocolate is gone, they can display them or use them for storage.
Thanks to @Bunny1kenobi -I stole her picture since I forgot to take one. I was too excited to send it out. LOL!


Those are gorgeous…I love the papers you chose.

So sweet! I love the retro feel of the pictures.

These are so stinking cute!

What a unique upgrade!

What a snazzy fix to dull boxes!

Sweet upgrade! And now I want chocolate…

Such a great idea and I really love the vintage car and family!!!

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