Fancy Goldfish Fish Bowl Clutch

After struggling so much with the first fish bowl clutch that I made, I was a little hesitant to start on a second one. But, I already finished the resin insert and base pieces, and had all the fabric dyed, cut and starched for it, so there really was no excuse.

The construction was going really well and clean, right up until the end when I had to glue the bowl back into the purse frame. Then, of course, all hell broke lose. I ended up smearing a little bit of gorilla super glue on the outside of the purse, and then proceeded to freak out and drop the bubble into the frame - but not positioned correctly. So, I had to rip the bubble out and reset it, and ended up getting more glue everywhere.

Luckily, I purchased specialized acrylic plastic polish and lint free cleaning cloths after I made the first purse. This saved my soul, because after several hours of frantic polishing I managed to get all of the glue off the acrylic.

Still, I didn’t end up freaking out over this clutch as much as I had the previous iteration, so I figure that’s a win. Maybe the third time will be the charm and will come out clean and perfect without making me lose my shit? I have a third bubble clutch, but it isn’t in great shape. I have some very fine grit sand paper that I purchased to resurface the acrylic, but after the second Fish Bowl Clutch disaster, I’m a little gun shy again. XD

Maybe in a few weeks, once the burn out has faded, I’ll think about it.


So, so beautiful, and so unique! Worth the freak-out, I think.

I am loving these so much!

How beautiful!

Yikes! Just so much stress, but WOW what a remarkable result for your trouble!

The end result is so serene and stunning, we’d never know the frustration behind it!! I do hope you recover because I know I’d love to see more of these beauties!

It sounds like so much stress, but at least you got an amazing clutch out of it. This one is my favorite. It’s absolutely beautiful. I love the soft colors and beautiful flow of it.

This is absolutely AMAZING!

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