Fashion Forward Witch Hat - Halloween Costume Entry 2023

Last year I lost my witches hat in a sudden gale while riding my broom on Halloween.

So I whipped up a new, more fashionable chapeau for this year’s costume. I will just be an average witch running an apothecary shoppe. Get your potions and spells and a little powdered bat’s wing. ( I did finally find it in the back of my closet hiding in the corner )

I found this wonderful black-on-black heavy stain type fabric in my stash (no memory of where that came from) and some black lining fabric. The trickiest was getting the hat size correct. It came out a bit tight, but letting our the back cone seam did the trick, now to patch it. It will never show. I had some aluminum wire I threaded through for the brim. The roses were more of the same satin rolled with gold stamp pad ink to highlight the edges, the fake leaves I painted black then also highlighted. Everything is pinned on because who knows what next year’s costume will be?


What the well-appointed witch will be wearing this season… so fancy!

I love it! I have a collection of witch hats, and yet always seem to need and want more…


What a great choice of fabric! I really like the black on black elements and that orange ribbon really pops against that black. I’m so impressed that you were able to just whip this up with supplies you had on hand!

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Lovely! Makes me want to make a witch hat!

It’s lovely! That fabric is really beautiful, and your embellishments are, too.

Came out great! One can never have too many hats.

This is one classy witch hat! I love that you made it adaptable to different embellishments.

You can’t go wrong with a good witch’s hat. Love that fabric!!

It’s very pretty and elegant looking. You’re a classy witch!

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Lovely! And I agree- fancy! You’ll be the belle of the ball with that hat!

Maybe I need one, too….

I added a waist snatcher/riding corset to the costume to go with the new hat. I was so fashionable…

I added the whole costume to the original post. So classy…the stripped socks are a hoot.

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I LOVE YOUR COSTUME… So so so cute!!