Fastest, easiest fitted face mask pattern tutorial

This mask is very no fog :slight_smile:

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Here are several masks I made from this pattern

So far I made:

  • Size XS w/o nose wire for my 4 yo daughter
  • Size S w/o nose wire for my 9 yo son
  • Size S w/ nose wire for my 11 yo son
  • Size M w/o nose wire for myself

They are so quick to sew up compared to all the other patterns I tried (and I’ve tried a lot) I love making them and we are all really happy with the fit.

Next up will be size L w/ nose wire for my best friend.


Fabulous work! You’ve done a great job choosing fabrics, and did you hand paint the faces? Nice!

Wow, this topic won some sort of best-of/most popular award for 2020 (of course, a thread about mask making!).

Thank you @kittykill for sending me this fun stuff!

I feel like all you prolific mask makers deserve the credit so thanks to all of you for using your creativity for good!


My sister got her COVID vaccines wearing masks I made using your excellent tutorials. She said that she tried a lot of masks and these fit her the best. I am making her a few more since she lost her favorite when it must have fallen out of her car somewhere!

You deserve to be recognized for all of the testing and fine tuning you did to make this necessary accessory wearable and functional…a lot of people are alive and safe thanks to all of the mask makers and wearers

Well deserved, my friend…well deserved!


Agreed! Congratulations, @Magpie! You did put so much love and effort and work and creativity into these patterns and photo instructions. Thank you!


Congratulations! Your pattern has become my go-to! I just made five this week for a dear friend. Thank you for this gift you have given all of us!


As usual I am late to the party but this is hands down the best mask pattern I’ve used. I was amazed at how quick it came together

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Yay! So happy the pattern and instructions are easy to use. That was just what I intended when I set out to refine all the things I liked about other styles, leaving off all the things I did not like. I’m very glad this has been helpful to others :slight_smile: