Fastest, easiest fitted face mask pattern tutorial

That’s really useful, thank you. I am making more for my sister and her children, so I will try it out. Thank you so much for all your effort with this detailed tutorial. I am directing friends to it too.


I said that I wouldn’t make any more of these things, but I’m finding the surgical-style masks often get caught under my nose and make me feel like I can’t breathe. My poor DS1 has the same issue. So, I gave this pattern a try - thank you for sharing! - and made a few more for my family.


I really love the cupped shape…it creates a little pocket of air…

What cute fabric you picked! I need to buy some children prints to start making kids’ masks!


This is my latest batch, for when I go back to work next week. I didn’t realise when I bought it, the planets one glows in the dark.

These two for my friend, with a case for her handbag.

And some from dragon fabric for my partner.


Cute prints!


This is great!
Thanks for the pattern. I wonder how I missed it.

BTW is there an option to attach a pdf file here or do you need an external site like google docs?


very good tutorial!

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Great job everybody! Remember, the pattern is available for anybody to make even if they choose to sell their masks. I have no attachment to it, just happy to get a good fitting easy to construct version out there. I see a LOT of people with terrible masks out in public and I fear they aren’t very effective, especially if they have to touch it to adjust it. Once this one is on, it’s a pretty decent and comfortable seal.

@tendstowardschaos I like that you’ve paired the Minions with banana fabric, lol! I found some great fruit and veg fabric recently and cut out so many more masks. It’s a struggle for me to sew the same thing over and over again so I’ve been doing it in stages. I will have 60-70 when I finally complete them all. They are nearly all spoken for, once people know you make them the requests just come flooding in!

@Silky_Bee I don’t think that is an option but you’d be a more definitive answer posting your query in one of the moderator frequented site-specific threads.

@LittleCogs that spacey glow fabric is pretty great.


@Magpie my coworker has struggled to find a mask that fits well. I made him one with your pattern and he says it is a PERFECT fit for his face! Woo hoo! I’m making him more this weekend. Soon he will have a Magpie mask for every day of the week! Thank you!!


I just got a message from the two teachers that I had made masks for…I made them two each and now they have asked to pay for four more each! They said they loved the fit and the straps I made.

This is really a well -fitted mask! Thanks again, @magpie.


Excellent! Happy to hear it’s working for allthefaces :grin:

I’ve made so many more, I’m just sick of it. There are lots still on my table in various stages of completion & so much pre-washed fabric to cut up for more. Everybody wants some, how can I say no?
I’m working on sets for the schools. Even though our kids will be online learning I still want to send some to the staff. This year is going to be hard, a little something special feels like the least I can do.

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I had a mat left over from a pack of Dollar Tree Cutting Mats and decided that it may work for a mask pattern. I’ve got several fabrics with prints that I want to do masks with and figured this would be a way for me to make sure my print falls where I want it. Thought some of you might like this idea as well.


That’s a great idea!!


Finally got mine done! The plaid one has one layer of interfacing and the coral/pink has two. I’m going to “live” with each of them some before I make any more. Especially since it’s still rather warm here, not sure I can do the two layers of interfacing. :hot_face:

These are my first real sewing project so I didn’t even try the top stitching! Maybe once I’m more comfortable with it.

(I did post these on my blog along with a link back over here.)

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Nicely done!
I add a layer of lightweight interfacing to the fabric before cutting out the pattern, that way there ends up being 2 layers of fabric & 2 of interfacing but they are still quite breathable. They sure were warm over the summer months & I don’t enjoy wearing any mask for more than an hour at time but these ones are so much less uncomfy than others I’ve tried. I may make some with only fabric for work when we need to be close to each other. The edge stitching will really help keep shape in that case.

The one with one layer of interfacing worked out pretty well. I just cut it without the fold involved and ironed them on for what would end up being the front side. Held up pretty well for the little bit of time I had to wear it today (just when the vet came to get the baby from the car and return him) and then in the grocery store later on. I could still smell someone’s cigar through it though. (I’m extremely sensitive that ridiculously bad smell.)

Just finished this one (along with a couple of basic pink ones) this afternoon. I’ve been looking forward to doing the Pink Panther for a while! So thrilled with how he turned out.

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Great placement of the images on the fabric, @Michelle!

Thanks! He leans right on my nose, which is what I was going for.

It’s that chopping mat pattern piece that I use! Just cut myself the smaller sizes yesterday to add to my arsenal. And now need to go back and get more chopping mats!)

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