Fathead Dough Everything Bagel (Keto/Low Carb)

I made “bagels” this morning! Had a craving earlier this week. I made a bacon and egg sandwich out of it, but I over cooked my over easy eggs… Sadness.
This is my second attempt at them, and they came out a lot better than the first time! I got the " dough" mixed up better. Wish I had followed the directions about how many bagels to make. Calls to make 6, but my eyes were bigger than my stomach and I divided into 4… Lol. They will probably cook a little bit better next time if I actually make 6.

The recipe is on The Wholesome Yum blog
You have to scroll through a lot of ads, even after hitting “jump to recipe card”. Just print it out and avoid the headache of the screen shifting around on mobile devices.


looks fabulous! I will have to get up my courage and try to make these

They look great!

P.S. I altered the title of your post to include that they are keto/low carb, to make it easier to LC members following that lifestyle to see your project.

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These look DELICIOUS! thank you for sharing!

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They are pretty damn good, but a lot of that is the everything seasoning! I love an Everything Bagel.


I have recently come to love the everything, as well!

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I made these a while back too! They are yummy!

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I need to make more this week. I’m out!

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