Father and son underpants

Some time ago I made this underpants for my hubby because he is very much into soccer. I had a little left of the fabric and it immediately suggested itself to make a matching underpants for my little boy. He will love it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


These are adorable, and very well made! Your husband and son will love them :slight_smile:

So cute, and the look very well made!

You know if I ever get to meet you and your family, I am going to ask if I can see their underwear and then I will be considered quite the dirty old lady for sure…ha ha…they are fun and very nicely made…love the elastic…


We are a soccer family too (both kids play and dh both coaches and refs at their rec league) so I love this for many reasons! But, bears playing soccer? Too cute!

So cute!

Such a cute idea !!


Thank you all!

They look super comfy too!

If he is anything like my boys, he’s going to love having undies to match dad’s!

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How adorable, now they can match :smiley: really great choice of fabric