Father’s Day cards for church kids

I put these together for the kids in my church class to give to their dads. If I had my way, the kids would have glued them together themselves but we will have very little time today, so they will have envelopes and I’ll bring some stickers so the kids can decorate the envelopes after they’ve filled out the questions on the back! :blush:

I created everything on Canva, downloaded and printed the pieces and then glued them onto textured card stock.


awww…I bet some of the answers are hilarious and hope dad has a sense of humor…kids are a lot more observant and honest than we give them credit for…

My niece filled out something like this when she was little…

“The thing he does best is drink a lot of beer and still can drive to church…ha ha ha ha…”…needless to say, her mom was not laughing…


That’s hysterical! :joy::joy:


These are so cute! It is a bummer that the kids wouldn’t have time to glue them on themselves, but that customized back and envelopes will make them really special!


They had a ball picking out stickers and loading up the envelopes!


I love how you made space for them to be so personalized on the inside. I bet there are some funny cards, and drawings. Ha!


Super personalized & sweet. Rob has a similar sort of thing on his desk from when the kids were little, it’s such a nice saveable item :slight_smile:


This is so sweet! What a wonderful idea.

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Thanks guys!

That’s a hilarious story in hindsight but I’m sure her parents didn’t like it at the time!

My sister had to draw a family portrait for school when she was primary school age. We lived on a smallholding and my father always looked like a mess, he would wear his old worn-out clothes while working outside and he never bothered to wash or fix his clothes because they would just get dirty again. She drew all of us in our regular clothes and him dressed like a scarecrow with wild hair! I remember his mother always being so angry about that, she kept telling us she didn’t raise him that way, my grandfather always looked proper even when he was doing yardwork at 5am.

Dad was not amused but that’s how he looked when he wasn’t wearing his Sunday best.