Father's Day Rotating Gears Sliceform

Video showing the completed piece

Buy something from the Silhouette store," I thought. “It’ll be easy.”


The gears mesh together and they all turn.
Video of gear turning action

This is based on design 410868 by Seiji Tsukimoto. Holy heck. The assembly video is not too helpful. He blasts through, twisting and turning the globe as he works so you can’t stay oriented. I wanted him to pause as he added each piece, show the exact piece, and point to which position it was going to. After I assembled the white prototype I numbered the pieces to help me sort out the pieces for the black version.

I’ve made dozens of sliceforms and no lie it took me hours to assemble the prototype.

I thought it would be more interesting to cut it from black paper to highlight the gears.

Top view.

Side view.

It folds flat. It’s a little tricky to convince it to flatten.


Ah! This is sooo cool! I love the action vid. I was thinking “Mr. Road would love that!” until I read more about how tricky it was to make/assemble. Of course it’s awesome, though!!!

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Amazing! Your perseverance and tenacity paid off! It is very frustrating when you buy complex files for your cutting machine and the instructions and video (if there is a video) are poor. Imagine if you didn’t have so much experience with sliceforms!

I love the rainbow gears. Lovely piece!

Wow! That is super impressive!

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I can’t believe the interior gears actually turn!!! And I think it looks very sleek in black. It’s absolutely amazing!

This is awesome!!!

What an incredible card! The card is the gift :hugs:

:peacock: Hot dang! :dolphin: Your spectacular craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects!

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The only word is: Wowza!