Faux Florida Vacation

Oh, coronavirus. We are still sheltering at home. As of today, it’s been 123 days since our lives were normal. Since we most likely won’t be traveling any time soon, I used this month’s Alpha Stamps kit to make a little faux Florida vacation home. It’s the next best thing to actually traveling somewhere other than my own backyard. And look, some of my friends are already there!

The front is hinged at the bottom, using green paper. On the outside, it may look like there’s not much to this little house, but when you open it up, it’s a true tropical vacation. The beaches are crowded, people are splashing in the waves, and some lucky guy even caught some fish for dinner. Bonus: no social distancing required.

Nothing like a comfy chair and a good book (plus a bucket full of cold beverages!) to make my faux vacation the perfect place to relax.

Here’s a closeup of those cute little miniatures.

The front panel of the house is held in place by the flag pole, which is actually a glass ball sewing pin. It’s just gently pushed through the apex of the roof, right in front of the house facade. To allow the panel to drop down, you just have to lift the flag. You can just see the pointy end of the flag pole circled below.

I’m so in love with the floral paper and vintage Florida postcards combination. It’s busy and fun and exciting, which is unlike my life at home right now. Someday we’ll travel again, but until then, this little faux vacation house will have to do.


Oh my goodness! I love this so much. So bummed that all the summer plans have changed but you will always have the memory of your faux vacation.

Love it!

This is just so fabulous. I want it to be my next vacation home for sure. The vintage goodness sends it over the top.

The biggest impact the pandemic has had on my life has been cancelled travel plans. I feel so lucky to be able to say this but still feel bummed about it. Your little faux-cation is a wonderful alternative.

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Fantastic! It’s not a replacement for an actual vacation in FL, but it’s pretty sweet to be able to create your version of a dream vacation :slight_smile: Love it!

How fun! I really like the vintage papers, the wavy flag, and the thought of sitting in that beach chair enjoying the view!

Love the vintage elements! I think The Sunshine State could use a little homage to better days right about now.


I am fascinated by the flag that is holding up the front…just love that you find ways to sneak in these little details!

Beautiful images and papers…and a fun theme as well…I will think of you when I go to the beach tomorrow… :grin:

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So cute! I love the little flag on the top!

Also, racky (or anyone else who has ever ordered from Alpha Stamps)-- do you recall what their usual shipping time is? I placed an order over the July 4 weekend, and it still hasn’t shipped. I am trying not to be impatient, but I’m really looking forward to playing with my goodies!

This is so lovely! A happy little vacation for the eyes.

I’m sorry, I don’t know. I do know there have been issues with getting help due to the virus. I hope your stuff gets shipped soon!

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Utterly adorable.

Congrats! Your Faux Florida Vacation is one of this week’s featured projects. Way to go!

Aw, thanks. :blush:

Remarkable! I love the vintage touches.

I love this.

This is a happy little house. I like the little story you wove in with it, too. The papers and colors are all so cheery.