Faux Iris Fold Tomato Pincushion Card

I recently had reason to make a special thank you for a far friend who sent a surprise. This set of files (from svgcuts.com) seemed to fit the bill and was fun to make!


Now, I didn’t know what iris folding was, but the designer of these cut files mentioned that the pieces cut for this card imitate that, but are quicker/easier. I bet some of you all have done some iris folding, though! [waggles eyebrows]

I used my Cricut Explore to cut this, but the files work on pretty much all the digital cutting machines.


This is a delight!

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So cool! It looks paper pieced, which is so fun!

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Oh how charming these are!

That is so dang cute. I don’t think a stitcher exists who wouldn’t love a card like that.

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Thanks friends!

What a sweet card! I can’t wait until I have more time to play with my Silhouette!!

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Thanks, @Bunny1kenobi! You are going to have so.much.fun.

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Super cute! It is so bright and cheerful.


This is really cute. I’ve seen many of the spiral like cards and paper art and it’s on my to do list to try!

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What a wonderful way to say thank you!

Thanks friends! I don’t think it has arrived yet (international mail!), so hopefully soon. And intact.

Oh my gosh, this was in my mailbox today when I got home from work. It is so much nicer in person than the photos even show. And, AND the envelop came covered in really funky stamps!
Thank you so much, you absolutely made my day. I wasn’t expecting anything like this at all. It’s really just the best :heart:

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YEY! FINALLY! Geez, Two and a half weeks! So glad you like it! It was fun gathering all the stamps and putting them on. So much more fun to send and receive than the thing the post office prints out.