Faux Turf Folding Table Covers & Ruffled Gingham Table Clothes

We hosted a small work team BBQ over the weekend and needed more dining space than our usual patio tables could handle. Luckily, I have a pair of folding tables from my painting business days. They need to be covered for dining! I already had cut turf from covering one of the tables for craft fairs, but it was unfinished.


Previously, the one cover was just safety pined in the corners to make it fit the top of the table. I decided to sew them to make a box topper for the tables. I also had this nylon gingham in stash to make bias binding to finish the edges. Sewing that binding on top of turf, which is like sewing velvet x4 + sewing lumpy vinyl, was… not pleasant. But I got it done with only a moderate amount of swearing and a lot of sweating.


This pic shows why I ended up making these ruffled table clothes - I just wanted to cover a bit of the folding hardware.


I did buy the fabric for this - wanting something that would coordinate with the turf, but also be versatile. By adding the ruffle I was able to make them a little longer and a little "fancier. It also meant that I used every bit of the yardage I bought except the selvedges and the corners I cut round.


To get the most of those strips and to keep them less stiff, I decided to go with an unfinished edge which is a look I like, but haven’t ever had the right project for using it.

The set up ended up being quite comfortable for the group! And the cushion provided by the turf made these not feel at all like plastic utility tables. It’s the cheaper variety of turf available at a home center which means it’s quite a bit softer to the touch as well.


Cool, picnic on the grass!

Ah, this is so cool for outdoor dining!

Your creative brain is amazing… What will you think of next? Seriously, so cool!

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This is so wonderfully whimsical!

Thanks so much, everyone! There is something about the kitschiness of astroturf that just sings to my heart.

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So festive! You always go all out!

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Awesome way to make the work event more fun and festive.

Such a unique idea - it looks amazing! I can only imagine how difficult it was to sew the binding - I would have been cursing a blue streak!

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Sewing artificial turf? Girl, you make me shake my head. In a very good, incredulously amazed way! The tables look great!

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Thanks so much, y’all!