Feather-proof Cushion Covers


Ever since I made a menagerie of wacky throw pillows, we’ve been fighting feathers fighting free of their pillow inserts. UGH! Pokey and messy. So I ordered up fabric meant to keep feathers and down inside their pillows and made covers for all the pillow inserts that were in use over the holidays and now.

I committed to using zippers from stash, so 3 of the 5 do not match the white fabric. I don’t think that will ever be an issue, so let’s hope I’m right! There are a few more feather inserts in storage for upcoming projects and there was a multi-yard minimum so I should have enough fabric to make the rest as needed.


Nice! Now you can continue to enjoy those wacky covers…and make more!

Wow, great job corralling those pesky feathers! And hey, that bedspread is pretty awesome as well.

Thanks, friends!

Thank you! I made that duvet set for the guest bed several years ago with fabric from Ikea.

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Awesome stash bust!

The things you learn on here. I never would have thought about feathers sticking out or special fabric to keep them in. Good thing they make it because your covers are so fun!

Your covers are so tidy and professional! What a smart idea to keep those feathers at bay!

This is funny! Feather proof covers, because of course! It’s funny because, really, cushoin liners are a boring project, right? But I’m so interested! I’m off to look for that fabric now… you did a great job with these, & stash busting. Very cool.

Thanks everyone!

And like, WHY don’t they come made in this material in the first place? At least several of these were not, like, super discount/made in china inserts in the first place. Some of these were purchased before the prevalence of that kind of thing and pre buy-anything-online.

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Poking out feathers is the worst. Yes, why don’t they all come with these covers? Is the fabric really stiff? Would it work for our sleeping pillows?

I think it would work with sleeping pillows, but maybe not as the case that touches the face. The pillows are pliable and squishy, but not necessarily soft on the hand.

Oh, yes, we’ll keep the nice linen covers for sure. Those let out aaalll the feathers tho :joy:. Terrible poking of the face happening.

OWIE! I don’t think I’ve ever had feather bed pillows that leaked; it sounds awful!