Feathered wooden tags

I made these for @geekgirl in the fill a pouch swap.

I had these wooden tags in stash. I covered them with library reference cards, inked them. Hand lettered the tiny encouragements and added the other embellishments. They are simple but I was pleased with how they came out!


Your hand lettering is fabulous! They look fun to make and fun to sneak into a journal or two!

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Thank you!

These are a really lovely balance of interesting things to see and the space to imagine them embellishing something bigger!

Just how big was this pouch anyway? :face_with_spiral_eyes:


Lovely! I think the feathery tassels are a perfect pairing.

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Thanks, everyone!

I didn’t measure the finished product but the side pieces were 8x12 inches.

No wonder you good stuff so much goodness in there!

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Lol! Yeah I figured as long as I was sewing, go big! :wink: