Feature Request - Bookmark folders

Is it possible to be able to create folders for bookmarks?


I can see how this would be useful…I have bookmarked posts where I need to go back and add or edit but I also have bookmarks for projects I am interested in maybe doing…they are getting muddled together…I hate that my brain wants to compartmentalize everything…but…it just does! :slight_smile:

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Can someone tell me how to find the pages you have bookmarked? Is there a button or something somewhere I haven’t noticed yet? Thanks.

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click on your avatar…you will see the bookmark icon…click on it and it shows everything you bookmarked

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Thank you @AIMR

Yes! This. I need to organize me bookmarks. It gets very confusing and muddled and makes me use less bookmarks without the ability to organize them. To me, I feel like I am getting so many notifications (yes, I know how to change that) that it feels like I am glossing over the important ones. I would love to be able to find them easily with my bookmarks!