Feature Request - Craftalongs

In long craftalongs, we often use our same post to update the projects we have made. So, like in the 50 Projects craftalong, I would have a page and add to it all year long. If our posts are available for us to edit only for 30 days, can you suggest how we can keep track of our projects?

This was a very popular craftalong and both @Magpie and I would be interested in starting it up again for 2020.

Yup. I won’t link to the dead place but if you go there & look up the 50 in 2019, there’s a list of all participants & their names are clickable links that lead to their list posts. Sign ups were open all year so that post was edited any time someone new jumped on board. If you click on my old name, clm you’ll see a very carefully curated collection of all my projects for the year. That was edited all year long to add to & change things as needed.
Also, the ongoing swaps like ATC, shop the swap etc. Those posts need to stay unlocked, if that isn’t possible here perhaps there can be a chat on discord or somewhere to brainstorm a new way to make it work.

The ongoing posts are not like regular posts either…but do people track their ATCs all year long? I am sure we can figure out a way to do this…I really liked having a record of everything I made…I actually printed them annually and had little thumbnails that I could link back to full sized pictures…

I’ve modified the edit time to be infinite. There is no X days cap on it now. :white_check_mark:


We are grateful to have you respond so quickly and kindly to our requests…I am sure that in the short amount of time that you got this site working, that not all things were thought of…YOU ARE AWESOME!!!


Thank you. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

I already had that one modified, but haven’t built a new help document/knowledge database, so just linking to the original one for now. A new one is on the list, though. Figured I would wait a bit to see how & where things settled instead of redoing it over and over. :sweat_smile:


That is awesome, thank you very much. I know how we used to do things grew out of the available functions and so we can absolutely work with what is available & build a process that fits here too. It’s super helpful to have the option to continue some things as they were though.
In the first post of ATC discussion topic I would add a clickable link to the current month’s sign up and the last month’s gallery. The first post of the claiming thread got altered with each claim, send & receipt of a card too. It is a lot of edits! Maybe there is a better way, things will evolve here I’m sure.


I can code and edit new features as we grow, too.

There is a lot more I want to add in the future, but wanted to get the bones and a little fat setup just so everyone could get back together. It had been too long. I couldn’t stand it any longer. :sob:


Thanks @sweets4ever! Huge help for the HPC too. :slight_smile:

My husband and I were talking about this new site last night and how impressed we both are with how well it’s doing right out the gate! You (and everyone that worked on it) should be so proud! :kissing_heart:


I 100% appreciate the basic framework was launched, and remaining items are being built.

Perfection is the enemy of good. And would have postponed the launch! And would have pushed y’all to work many more nights-into-the-days.


We say this all the time! And, “Get it done vs. get it done perfect.” Many dreams have fizzled out in the latter. Sometimes we just need to GET IT DONE. :fist: